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Our Research Infrastructure

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Guiding Principles

At Bruyère we work with many partners in order to transform care and enhance the lives of the diverse community we serve in French and English. Industry partnerships provide opportunities for Bruyère to capitalize on new innovations and technologies to change the way we do things and improve the services we provide to our community, while also providing industry with the ability to validate their products and services in relevant, real-life settings. The following guiding principles are to be used in all interactions with industry for any potential commercialize-able or industry-driven Research & Development or Validation/Evaluation work. All members of Bruyère and industry working with Bruyère have a duty to adhere to these principles.

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Agreement Template

Working with us is easy. We have developed a Collaboration Agreement Template to make it easier for industry to get involved in research at Bruyère. Join us as we advance our mission of research, testing, and evaluation of health innovations.

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AGE-WELL SAM3 National Innovation Hub

The Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring Mobility and Memory (SAM3) hub focuses on smart technologies that monitor seniors’ health and wellbeing. This is to keep them as healthy, safe and, independent as possible. It will bring together health professionals, researchers, industry, non-profits, and the older adults and caregivers who will benefit from such technologies in their everyday lives. Collaborate with us to take advantage of this network of expertise and to test your technologies in a complex care environment.

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