The Future of Aging

Building an ecosystem of innovation to support the healthcare needs of Canada's aging population.

The InnovAging Network is on its way.

Bruyère is leading a network of innovators to change how people age in Canada.

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Bringing AI into Aging

Researchers at Bruyère are ready for Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize healthcare. We are an academic hospital that specializes in complex and continuing care, and we are making change happen with cutting-edge technologies.

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Meet the Apartment of the Future

Our smart apartment brings together researchers and private innovators to develop technologies that support seniors' health and wellbeing. As part of the SAM3 innovation hub, the apartment is a space of collaboration between engineers and health experts alike — all in the interest of helping seniors stay at home longer.

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Keeping Seniors on the Move

For many seniors, a driver’s license is an important tool to remain independent and continue living at home. Bruyère researchers are using sensors and augmented reality to develop technologies that will keep seniors safe on the road so that they can preserve their independence.  

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Bringing Big Data to the Bedside

Bruyère scientists are using Big Data to improve palliative care practices. Our researchers say this might help reduce healthcare costs significantly. Learn More.

"What a wondrous thing the voice"

– A Bruyère Patient

Bruyère researchers are helping patients find their voice with assistive communication technologies. One of our clients had been fighting a debilitating disease when she published her first book of poems — all with the help of a single button.

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Welcome Home

Step Inside a Smart Apartment

The Sensors and Analytics for Monitoring, Mobility and Memory (SAM3) hub is a smart apartment developed by Bruyère to test novel technologies for monitoring seniors' health and wellbeing.


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